Why am I still seeing my old page after upload?

Changes to your site should take place immediately after publishing.


Any delay in displaying the new updates is either a result of unsuccessful publishing, or caching of proxy server at your ISP - this means that you're seeing an old version of your site. You can check to see if your files have been successfully uploaded by logging directly into your account using FTP or Hosting Control panel.


Check that you have rename or remove the existing file "index.html" from your “public_html” folder or “www” folder and uploaded your web files in to the right directory (probably “public_html” or “www”).


It is always good idea to hard refresh (Ctrl+F5) or clear the cache cookies on your browser and temp files when making changes to your website. However, you could also be viewing a cached version of your site thanks to your ISP or a proxy server at your office. ISPs cache (store copies of) sites on their proxy servers to save bandwidth and money.


The same thing is often done on a small scale by businesses. Caches should be cleared every day - if the problem persists, contact your ISP or your network administrator and ask them to manually clear the cache for your site. Once this is done you should see the newly published site on our servers.

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